Make Summer Sizzle with These HOT Looks!

When you think of summer, you think of????  Sun…sand…ocean (even this mountain girl thinks of ocean with summer!!)  Those crisp, cool tones are the propeller to the 2012 summer jewelry trend.

I can’t think of another time that we have has such huge shifts in fashion trending.  Last year we had rocker, which has morphed into the classic 80’s neon and lever sunglasses.  (which I refuse to pinch and roll my jeans).  With it has brought a renewal of vintage inspired clothes (be nice to your mother’s fashion, little ladies.  One day it will come back and you will want that “wretched” shirt you made her throw out!).  I have never been more convinced that fashion changes on a whim.
The jewelry and accessories, have one a whole, remained consistent.  If you can remember back to 2010, turquoise was the color of the year.  Have you noticed a plethora of mint?!  Not the julep kind, but pants, bracelets, shoes! The fresh turquoise inspiration has continued!  She has partnered with 2011’s color of the year, honeysuckle (a fancy name for coral), and they look AMAZING together!  Have you tried them together?  But in all seriousness, you cannot go wrong with blue of any shade.

In keeping with our albeit cliche summer image, you will notice, if you haven’t already: sea inspired.  Sea stars (aka: starfish), colors (think of all the beautiful colors in the ocean), nautical, ropes, knots, etc.  A really easy way to incorporate this into your existing wardrobe, is through Mother of Pearl.  It is extremely white and beachy.  Sea star rings and bracelets that “hug” the arm or finger are also in line.

Multi-layer and gemstones (one or both), are also going to be trending.  I call the multi-layer “insta-layer”.  However, you can achieve this look by looping a very long necklace several times, and stacking a few together.  Please don’t worry that this is overkill.  We are not in a fashion recession.  Gone are the days that light, barely there necklaces were the rage.  If you have been leery of the multiple necklace look, check out Vogue – the more the better!  Gemstones, in my humblest of opinions, NEVER goes away.  There may be tweaks, but really, nothing says “fashionable” more than a genuine chunk of gemstone.  It doesn’t have to be faceted, raw, polished, beaded…it’s all in.  If you don’t have gems, now is a great time to invest.  Gems are absolutely timeless!

It is not every day that I am ahead of the fashion curve, let’s set the record straight right now.  But this?! HECK YES!  Where are my Ann Taylor peeps?!  When I was working for Ann Taylor, I would suggest a tee shirt with a cardigan, which would be my one way ticket out of the sale.  That was 6 years ago.  Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when I was suggesting a bib necklace that a gal wear with a tee shirt, and I got the “one way ticket” look again.  Watch the runways friends!  Watch fashionistas when you are out people watching!

So what’s different today? Styling. While the 2009 vintage were often featured against bare skin, under a crisp button-down or to perk up a scoop neck dress, today we’re seeing these necklaces layered over a tee, or even other necklaces for a fresh, maximalist take. What do you think? Will you be layering your bibs over a heather gray tee this summer? via PSFK:

The large statement necklaces are still in.  Keep buying them, and wearing them!  But now you can wear them with your tees!!

Chandelier earrings have stayed hot, hot, hot for nearly 10 years.  Though they have gotten bigger almost every year.  This season, we are looking at shoulder dusters.  They are literally that.  If you have a shorter neck, you can still wear shoulder dusters, they will have more impact than us long necked fashionistas!  Tip: when you are hunting for the right pair of shoulder dusting chandeliers (or the regular chandelier earrings), try a few pairs on.  Find some that will really fit you.  I found that I don’t like heavy earrings, regardless of how amazing I look.  They make me feel clausterphobic.  So you might have to try a few to get a pair or two that feel right to you.  While we are on the topic of earrings, not all face shapes look amazing in chandeliers. (Be sure to click through the pictures).

Here’s a Summer Must-Have’s recap:
– Sea Inspired (blues, yellow, white, crisp tones, Mother of Pearl and other pearls, sea stars, knots, etc)
– Blue (any shade)
– Gems and “insta-layer” necklaces
– Bib necklaces with tees
– Chandelier earrings
Ready?  Set?  Go!!  Be sure you contact me for the jewelry in the images.  I’ll give you the deal of the century, or at the very least, the summer!

And in case you don’t know, or you’d like to refresh your memory on pegging jeans, here is a nice little “how-to”.


One comment on “Make Summer Sizzle with These HOT Looks!

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